Wednesday, June 18, 2008
my backpack's got jets...
Not really, but I do have a new tattoo, stolen straight off a certain bounty hunter's Mandalorian body armor.


Besides that not too much has been going on. Preparing for the baby (less than four months to go!) and playing tons of GTA 4.

I celebrated another b-day last week. A very mellow affair, which consisted mostly of me working all day, but when I got home there was a gift waiting for me. A giant box full of 420 reese's peanutbutter cups. Yeah, Marie rocks. Oh, and I found $13 dollars in the parking lot of the Tamarind Tree. All in all, it was an ok day.


Blogger Queen Geek said...
Blogger Josh said...

Sounds like a good day! When do you work? I went by the village and didnt see you.

Blogger Nichole D. said...

James has been playing tons of GTA 4, too. I've been cracking out old-school on the PS2 and Final Fantasy XII. We miss you guys!

And the new tattoo is pretty cool, in a supah-nerd kind of way. :P

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