Friday, August 31, 2007
Shaun of the Dead
Last night Shaun of the Dead was shown at Rainier Square Roof Park. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised. It is a nice little atrium/patio on the back side of the Rainier Building. I don't have a photo of it handy which is unfortunate because the architecture is interesting. Anyway, they've been showing films there every Thursday throughout the summer. Shaun was the first one we went to. A special occasion such as this practically demanded some costuming.



The film was set to start about a half hour after sundown. We set out about 8:00 pm. We made it about 2 1/2 blocks before a friendly police man pulled over in his car and asked a few pointed questions about the stains on my clothing. Personally, I think it was rather obvious that I was wearing some sort of costume, but I guess he felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Maybe he was thinking of those cops who ran into Dahmer and his victim and let them both go.

He seemed satisfied with my answers and we were back on the way to downtown. The bus ride was fun. I got a lot of stares and no one would sit next to me.


Disappointingly, no one recognized me as Shaun until we actually got to Rainier Square. There were a few other Shauns there, though if I may drop all false modesty, my costume was the best.

Before the film began, a trivia contest was held. I was not picked from the audience to participate which is just as well as the the winners of the first two rounds received a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide. I have no need for another copy. The third round was a hoot. The showed a clip from Thriller and all the contestants were told to watch carefully. When it was done the six unlucky audience members were told to imitate Michael Jackson's dancing as best they could. Four of them were knocked out pretty quickly and the remaining two had a sudden death dance off. The winner went home with to tickets to the Seattle debut of Spamalot! Lucky!

the bite

Then the movie started. It was great to watch it on the big screen again.

But it got cold. Marie and the Ghoul were covered up completely under the blanket, totally ignoring the movie. We ended up leaving halfway through. I took off my bloody shirt to avoid any further interactions with the police on the way home.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the photos, but we were a bit rushed.

Thursday, August 30, 2007
So, today I had the pleasure to be walking along the sidewalk with my eleven year old daughter (hereafter referred to as The Ghoul) and my four year old nephew (Boy). We were coming home from the store where I had purchased a rather large plastic sword for the Boy. Unable to resist, I took the sword from him and swung it wildly about. One swipe nearly hit The Ghoul in the face which precipitated an argument between us. It was a loud, raucous argument and it raged for quite a while. It is here that we pick up the story...

Boy: Stop fighting you guys!

Me: No!

Boy: Uncle Dave, stop acting crazy!

Me: Look who's giving me advice on not being crazy.

Boy: What?

Me: You're the craziest guy I know.

Boy: Are not!

Me: Are too!

Boy: Maybe I should just slap myself in the NUTS then!

Me: See, That's what I'm talking about.

Boy: What?

Me: A normal, sane person wouldn't threaten to do that.

Boy: Oh. OK.

It doesn't look so funny in print. At the time I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be posting pics of our costumes from the outdoor showing of Shaun of the Dead tonight at Rainier Square Roof Park.

Sunday, August 26, 2007
!Ay Carumba!
Last weekend some sort of anti-graffiti squad painted over all the graffiti at my place of business. This weekend, while strolling in to begin my shift, I was shocked (nah, pleased, really) to see that someone had used the freshly painted walls to convey a message of extreme importance.

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God bless this Simpsons fan, whoever he may be.